Robert Geller x lululemon Lookbook

Editorial Design   Spring 2019, Robert Geller teamed up with lululemon for a 12-piece collection Take the Moment. I was tasked to design a lookbook of the collection shot in Japan by photographer Ko-ta Shouji. Inspired by the apparel, we mimicked the outer seams of the clothes and added a metallic tape...

Dessine-moi une maison

January 5, 2019

Exhibition, Scenography, Personal Art project   Dessine-moi une maison is an official event of the 375th anniversary of Montreal. The exhibition was funded by the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec and supported by the Plateau Mont-Royal. I developed this project in collaboration with L’Autre Montréal, with the...

Rocky Mountaineer Brochure

May 9, 2018

Editorial design   Awarded 7 times the “World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train”, Rocky Mountaineer is a rail-tour company offering Western Canadian vacation packages that operates trains on four rail routes through British Columbia, Alberta, and the U.S. state of Washington. Twicebrand was commissioned for 2 consecutive years to...

24 Images Cover + DVD

January 8, 2018

Design, Illustration, Menu & Photography Founded in 1979, 24 images magazine has established itself  as an indispensable player in the Quebec film scene. Over the years, it has helped to discover filmmakers unknown to the general public, either because they were their first films, or because of the singularity...

Films, Festivals, Event Posters

January 4, 2018

Illustration, Design & Typography


January 1, 2018

Self-published audiobook   Paysannes, which means ‘’Women Farmers’’, is a tribute to my family farm in France. In this self published audio book, I wanted to work with the eyes and voices of 3 generations of women.  Some pictures are taken very quickly before I could even see what...


January 1, 2017

Packaging & Design of Documentary Serie   BDQC is a documentary series presented by Sophie Cadieux. Each episode portrays an artist and explores his favorite themes, his sources of inspiration, his graphic and artistic approach. BDQC offers a trip bursting into the fascinating world of Quebec comics and plunges...