lululemon – First pants, next anything.

Amp up your possibilities this Fall with bottoms designed to look as good as they feel—however you wear them. Company lululemon — Art Director Anaïs Favier— Photography Thompson Chan  — Model Juzar, Norbu, Robyn, Logan & Kayli — Video Charles Vary— Producer Robyn Farnham —  MUA Laurie Deraps — Styling Erin Meeres — Light Don...

lululemon – Train

First light to last rep.   Company lululemon — Art Director Anaïs Favier— Photography Mackenzie Walker  — Model Tolu O. — Producer Valesca Reyes Francois —  MUA Maïna Militza — Styling Brittany Branch — Light Don Loga — Spotter Heidi Rubin — Concept Designer Carling Hind  — Concept Copywriter Siofan  —Creation Designer Brian Tong