lululemon – First pants, next anything.

Amp up your possibilities this Fall with bottoms designed to look as good as they feel—however you wear them. Company lululemon — Art Director Anaïs Favier— Photography Thompson Chan  — Model Juzar, Norbu, Robyn, Logan & Kayli — Video Charles Vary— Producer Robyn Farnham —  MUA Laurie Deraps — Styling Erin Meeres — Light Don...

lululemon – Train

First light to last rep.   Company lululemon — Art Director Anaïs Favier— Photography Mackenzie Walker  — Model Tolu O. — Producer Valesca Reyes Francois —  MUA Maïna Militza — Styling Brittany Branch — Light Don Loga — Spotter Heidi Rubin — Concept Designer Carling Hind  — Concept Copywriter Siofan  —Creation Designer Brian Tong 

24 Images App

January 3, 2018

Branding of an Ipad app Founded in 1979, 24 Images magazine has established itself as an indispensable player in the Quebec film scene. Over the years, it has helped to discover filmmakers unknown to the general public, either because they were their first films, or because of the singularity of...


January 1, 2017

Packaging & Design of Documentary Serie   BDQC is a documentary series presented by Sophie Cadieux. Each episode portrays an artist and explores his favorite themes, his sources of inspiration, his graphic and artistic approach. BDQC offers a trip bursting into the fascinating world of Quebec comics and plunges...