Dessine-moi une maison

Exhibition, Scenography, Personal Art project


Dessine-moi une maison is an official event of the 375th anniversary of Montreal. The exhibition was funded by the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec and supported by the Plateau Mont-Royal. I developed this project in collaboration with L’Autre Montréal, with the participation of the well known artist Patsy Van Roost. The exhibition took place at MAI (Montréal, Arts Interculturels) from November 30th to December 16th 2017.

It’s difficult to talk about Montreal without mentioning it’s amazing cultural diversity. Far from a political approach, I wanted to explore the poetics of immigration by talking about our homes, or at least moving from a home to another, from a culture to another. I met with students, refugees, adventurers and families from all backgrounds and asked them to simply draw me a house with no other instructions than to do it by hand. Then I recorded their stories; their arrival in Montreal, the first house, the first sensations. These testimonies make us travel in various incarnations of the city for newcomers; cycling at full speed, the first snow, the sound of a hardwood floor, the smell of their first croissant.

In addition to interviews, I designed all the signage and the motion animated opening trailer. I worked on the scenography with the talented Maude Frenette-Roy. After month of collaboration from the East Coast to the West Coast we were able to built this tiny village of adoptive Montrealers.


Artist Anaïs Favier — Historical content L’Autre Montréal — Workshops Patsy Van Roost — Scenography Maude Frenette & Anaïs Favier — Cabinetmaker Mathieu Livernoche — Sound Supervision Romain Dumoulin