Rebranding, Webdesign, Art Direction


Fitplan is a platform for interactive fitness. A dynamic mobile app that gives access to the exact workouts and training methods that over 30 fitness icons use to stay in the peak physical condition.

As the in-house art director I was commissioned to define the brand message and make sure the app was reaching out to a wider audience. With 60% of female users at the time we had to switch to a more approachable look and feel changing the colours, layout and photography style on Fitplan’s website and app. Working closely with the video team we were able to change the way we film and photograph, focusing on performance rather than physique. In addition to art direction, I was involve in scouting new studios, supervising the design team and prepare shooting briefs for the production video-team.

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Studio : Fitplan
Director of studio : Landon Hamilton, Cam Speck
Art Director : Anaïs Favier
Lead UX/UI designer : Hui Ye Zheng
Designer : Renan Prado
Web developper : Chris Greenwood & Anthony Morris