Exhibition of graduates: creation of a website, concept and creation of 12 video capsules and the exhibition flyer design.

How will you celebrate the 375th anniversary of Montreal in five years? UQAM's Design School students in event design are leading they way. Inspired by neighborhoods and the lives of citizens, they devised ways of celebrating twelve environs, each focusing on a particular aspect of the identity and aspirations of Montrealers. These twelve visions invite us to discover, to play, to remember, to contemplate, to taste, to wonder, to think, in other words, to know our city by celebrating.

For more information :

Website : www.commentcelebrermontreal.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/commentcelebrermontreal
Twitter : twitter.com/#!/celebrermtl

Team : Leïla Alexandre, Anaïs Favier, Fabiola Di Lena, Ludivine Thiburs, Lissette Guerra, Valérie Pelletier, Ying Fang.
Website : Leïla Alexandre
Flyer design and serigraphy : Anaïs Favier