Jeep World Tour – Champs Elysées

A world tour themed installation on the most beautiful avenue in the world


Jeep World Tour, an exhibition designed and staged by Art Bridge where a community of artists takes us on a unique world tour at MotorVillage.

From December 1 to February 2020, the Jeep World Tour takes us on an unprecedented tour around the world. MotorVillage, an exceptional automotive showroom designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte on the Champs-Élysées, has chosen Art Bridge to design its new exhibition which is to be experienced by the whole family.

For this journey across the continents, a playful tour unfolds on the 5 floors of the venue, where designers, illustrators and photographers have been brought together to share their vision of 6 major cities around the world; Queenstown, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Detroit, Cape Town and Paris. We created custom-made artistic decors where the most beautiful cars designed for travel and adventure enthusiasts will be on display. Illustrators Dalkhafine and Farah Allegue created unique murals for the occasion in the colors of each of these big cities in order to decorate the space.


Company Art Bridge — Art Direction Anaïs Favier — Illustrations Dalkhafine & Farah Allegue — Photography Exhibit Romain Staros — Paris Installation Brunoir — Client Jeep Motorvillage — Photos Keefer