La Trace Chorégraphique

Create an interactive event with Ballet Jazz of Montreal

The Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD) is a non-profit association, that defends the interests of over 500 dance professionals. Founded in 1984, the RQD represents all stakeholders in professional dance: performers, choreographers, teachers, researchers, specialized presenters, dance companies and local organizations. Each spring, they engage with the public, offering a participatory event calls La trace chorégraphique. On the ground, they paint footprints of different choreographies so the public can follow the steps and dance on the streets.

I was commissioned in 2012 to work on their yearly event and develop a unique concept in collaboration with the well renowned company, Ballet Jazz de Montreal. In addition to the footprints on the ground, we worked on a digital experience. QR codes allowed spectators to view, through a smart phone, choreographic excerpts to help them visualized the full performance. Passers-by could outline the steps in a dance of their own, and contemplate BJM dancers at work.

In addition to strategy and design, I worked on the art direction, shoot preparation and editing of 7 videos excerpts, and oversaw production of the full suite of deliverables. At the end of the project, and as a celebration for Ballet Jazz of Montreal 30th anniversary, I worked on a special 10 screen video installation that ran all summer in Place des Arts.


Art direction, Design & Editing Anaïs Favier — Photographic Direction Geoffrey Webb — Coordinator Karyne Doucet-Larouche — Film Crew Andrée-Anne Garneau, Victor Lamontagne, Jean-François Piché, Vincent de Repentigny — A coproduction of the Regroupement québécois de la danse and BJM – Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal with the support of the Place des Arts and the Partenariat of the Quartier des spectacles.