Self-published audiobook


Paysannes, which means ‘’Women Farmers’’, is a tribute to my family farm in France. In this self published audio book, I wanted to work with the eyes and voices of 3 generations of women.  Some pictures are taken very quickly before I could even see what poetry they held; others have been the result of careful observation hiding between the haystacks. I photographed the farm during one full year to make sure I captured each corners of this vanishing family heritage. While turning every page you listen to Simone’s voice, walking goats in the fields in the 50’s, selling cheese, commenting each pictures as you go through. To introduce the book, a family legend, a broken clock, a deep forest and wolves running through the night.


Printed 100 copies — Art project  Anaïs Favier — Risography & Silkscreening  Léo Favier