Packaging & Design of Documentary Serie


BDQC is a documentary series presented by Sophie Cadieux. Each episode portrays an artist and explores his favorite themes, his sources of inspiration, his graphic and artistic approach. BDQC offers a trip bursting into the fascinating world of Quebec comics and plunges the viewer into the world of authors through visual effects, the animation of the boxes and the intimacy of the workshops where the works are created.

After working on the post-production of the series, we were commissioned by BDQC to design their 3 dvd cases. We wanted to play around with the evocative format of a comic book. We designed duotone menus, making sure we showcased the style of each artists and offer a playful but simple interaction.


Client BDQC — Design Anaïs Favier & Farah Allegue — Animation Olivier Bussière — Project Manager Cendra François Percy — Studio Director Galilé Marion-Gauvin — Print Ross Ellis — Programming RSB Média