Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

Create a trailer opening  


A pioneer in its presentation of video works, the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, resolutely forward-looking, has long been the unfailing advocate of new technologies. Each year, the Festival seeks out new developments that move cinema forward, familiarizing audiences with 3D, VOD, a whole spectrum of different formats and the latest creative findings. The quality of its venues and the unique infrastructures that form the basis for its stellar reputation make the Festival the best place around to preview the cinema of tomorrow!

Each year, Ottoblix propose a unique concept for FNC’s opening trailer. For 2015, our mandate was to make their poster come to life, a golden wolf running through a forest at nightfall. I had the opportunity to digitally illustrate frame by frame the wolf running. We also created a unique set design; building up around 30 trees and bushes, and hand drawn a detailed bark. In addition to illustrations, we flipped a full eclipse using a thaumatrope technic and projected excerpts of the films presented during this festival on the forest. It was a great opportunity to mix classic stop motion techniques and motion design.


Concept Marion Favier — Realisation Mathieu Tremblay — Set design & illustrations Anaïs Favier — Animation Olivier Bussière — Project management Cendra François Percy — Original Music Olivier Girouard — Studio Director Galilé Marion-Gauvin