Plus c’est mieux

Welcoming a new cohort to University of Quebec in Montreal


The DESS in Event Design is a graduate program offered at the UQAM School of Design. Event design is a field of study and creation that is both specialized and interdisciplinary. Event design projects raise social, cultural, community and collective issues. They invite citizen participation and question the role of design in the public space through interventions in temporary architecture, exhibition design, scenography and design of urban events. Every year, they welcome a flock of new students for its initiation event.

Plus c’est mieux refers to the saying The more the Merrier, in which is often used to welcome those who wish to participate in an activity but hesitate to join in uninvited. Thus, each student was given a special silk-screened bandana – symbol for belonging to a new cohort – and a custom mug for the many coffees the students would need to drink during late nights and rough mornings!

In addition to art direction, we designed unique mugs and silk-screened bandanas.


Project done in collaboration with Serina Tarkhanian.