Just For Laughs Anniversary

Illustration, typography & set-design


Just for Laughs is a comedy festival held each July in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 1983, it is the largest international comedy festival in the world. Just For Laughs films many performances and the TV productions from these tapings air regularly on CBC Television, The Comedy Network, TVA and YTV. The shows feature stand-up performances from the festival and sometimes include “canned bits” shot on location around Montreal.

Just For Laughs contracted us to create the set design of their 15th anniversary show and work on the opening trailer. We wanted to create an open space within a studio so we decided to build walls with cut-out shapes in which we were able to integrate patterns linked to the different sections of the show. For the opening trailer, our concept was to depict a never-ending unwrapping gift using unique birthday patterns.

I designed the typography and patterns representing all the different sections of the show and make sure it was easy to animate for the motion team.


Concept : Marion Favier, Mathieu Tremblay
Design & Illustrations : Anaïs Favier
Postproduction : Olivier Bussière, Marion Favier, Mathieu Tremblay, Raphaël Laflamme-Thibaut
Project management : Mélanie Boudreau Blanchard, Cendra François Percy
Studio Direction : Galilé Marion-Gauvin
Cut : Robocut Studio
Set construction : Will Vincent, Frédéric Bouin
Mounting Aid : Olivier Cloutier
Filming : Mathieu Baer
Director of photography : Maarten Kroonenburg