Rocky Mountaineer Brochure

Editorial design

Awarded 7 times the “World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train”, Rocky Mountaineer is a rail-tour company offering Western Canadian vacation packages that operates trains on four rail routes through British Columbia, Alberta, and the U.S. state of Washington.

Twicebrand was commissioned for 2 consecutive years to produce Rocky Mountaineer’s brochure. RM needed to bring its promotional materials in line with its premium outlook while remaining true to its tradition and history. This brochure needed to serve not only as a promotional tool for RM, but also as a useful guide for passengers. Working within the identity Twicebrand recently created, we developed a flexible, new grid allowing Noel Hendrickson’s photography to stand out.


Client Rocky Mountaineer — Design Anaïs Favier — Photography Noel Hendrickson — Agency Twicebrand